Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Childfree Geniuses 


Philosophical Reasons for Not Having Children

By J.O. Raber

This work delves into the philosophy of the procreative question: to have or not to have children.  The subject is addressed both from the perspective of the individual and from global considerations, as we are all individuals within the global community.  Thus we need to consider both ends of the issue, the personal and the environmental.  Many of the already existing consequences of overpopulation are enumerated in this work.

Going beyond this, the book raises the question: Is it moral to create a life without the consent of the one who is to be created?  And is procreation ever free of selfishness?  This is a serious treatment of the subject. 

To this is added the names of 700 notable men and women who were either childfree or childless, including birth data for these historic individuals (and death dates where applicable).  Some of these notable men and women state their reasons for not having children.  This is an original list of childless/childfree geniuses and other creative individuals in the arts, literature and science as well as social reformers.

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The New Book, Famous – But No Children

From Ch.2
An author's book is often referred to as his "brainchild." Creative people have that 'inner child' that often replaces a need for a biological child. Is it possible then that a biological child is often a substitute for creative self-expression?

From Ch.3
To say that childbearing is a woman's greatest achievement is an extraordinarily sexist remark. How many people would say that Mozart's greatest achievement was siring children?

Parents may desire to control the lives of their children, but it is the children who control the lives of their parents.

From Ch.7
We hear from those who oppose abortion-on-demand, but it's time we here from those who oppose babies-on-demand. It's time to look beyond the smoke screens of religious conditioning and take a look at what's happening here on earth. A prerequisite of moral behavior is to take personal responsibility for an eco-friendly planet. To harm the planet is to vandalize the home of all living things we know; and overpopulation is certainly doing just that. 

From Ch.9
The human population of earth roughly quadrupled in the
twentieth century. And today [2014] there are over a billion more people
on this planet than at the start of the twenty-first century. That’s
over a billion more births than the number of deaths during this
same period. A more intelligent species would surely wonder why
we do this to ourselves. Intelligent members of our own species
are wondering the same thing.

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